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See the LAVERDA 750 workshop manual

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1.000 km (600 miles) service :

  •     Tyres wear and pressure check
  •     Clutch oil level check
  •     Brake (rear and front) oil level check
  •     Final drive chain adjustment check  

5.000 km (3.000 miles)  service:

  •     Engine oil and cartridge change
  •     Cleaning/Replacement of air filter  
  •     Front fork oil change
  •     Fuel lines check
  •     Clutch and brake control hydraulic lines check
  •     Engine mounts check         

10.000 km (6.000 miles) service:

  •     Spark plugs replacement
  •     Valves play setting  
  •     Tickover and synchronization setting
  •     Coolant liquid ducts check  
  •     Timing chain adjustment check or replacement  
  •     Brake pads (rear and front) check or replacement  
  •     Steering bearings play check and adjustment  
  •     Front fork check and adjustment
  •     Rear suspension check and adjustment  
  •     Exhaust pipes and silencers check and cleaning   

20.000 km (12.500 miles) service:

  •     Coolant liquid level check  
  •     Overall  tightening torque check  

2 years calendar inspection:

  •     Clutch and brake oil change
  •     Coolant liquid change

4 years calendar inspection:

  •     Fuel lines replacement 
  •     Clutch and brake oil lines replacement


Fuel injection diagnostic tool:

picture of diagnostic tool     A U.S. corporation K&L logo is marketing

    a fuel injection diagnostic tool which helps solve even the most stubborn fuel related             problems on virtually any MAGNETI MARELLI fuel injection equipped motorcycle that has a     diagnostic port. Brands included are Harley Davidson®, Ducati, Aprilia, Moto Guzi, Bimota     and Laverda.

    This diagnostic tool installs easily to a P.C. or lap top computer via the RS232 interface           cable.

    You will easily display and read trouble codes and real time data on a color display for           easy reference. Several display options are available including analog meter display,               dashboard display, and an easy to read bar graph display, making "at a glance"                     references a snap.

    You will use the error messages monitor to view input, output and function errors.

    You will use the active test monitor to test coils, injectors, tachometer, fuel pump relay,         stepper motor, you can also purge solenoid, erase historic errors and modify fuel trim.

    In the active test mode, you will put the suspect component through a simulated running     test for a more thorough diagnostic procedure. When testing a fuel injector the fuel pump     will run, and the injector will cycle confirming fuel pressure and flow through the nozzle.

    With the logging feature, you can save data for review at a later time, or take a                     "snap-shot" of a system related problem. Logging can be set as automatic or manual             trigger for precise information control.

    Software tool operates in 5 languages (English, Italian, French, German, Spanish)

    Unfortunately, this company does not sell directly to the public, you will have to apply to       one appointed distributor.  For more details, click here 

picture of 650 Lynx

  LAVERDA 650 LYNX PROTOTYPE (Suzuki SV 650 engine)

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