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    Parallel forward inclined twin cylinder engine, 4 stroke

    Engine capacity :        747 cc (45,58 cu. in.)

    Bore x stroke (mm) :    83 x 69

    Compression ratio:     10,5 :1

    Max. Power Output (at rearwheel) :  55.6 KW (75.5 HP) at 8.250 RPM

    Max. Torque :               70.3 Nm (53,53 ft-lb) at 7.230 RPM

    Overall Weight:           186 kg (410 lbs) dry

                                         205 kg (452 lbs) in operation with full tank

    Max. speed on track:   220 km/h (137 mph)

    Valve control and timing:

    Double overhead camshaft driven by chain
    4 valves per each cylinder

    Fuel injection:              WEBER MARELLI electronic injection system                                               unleaded gas

    Engine cooling system:

    Forced cooling with centrifugal pump, expansion tank with                   pressurized closing, radiator, thermostatic valve, electric fan and         water temp. indicator.

    Total capacity : 1,6 liter of AGIP ANTIFREEZE EXTRA coolant

    Oil system:

    Forced lubrication with gear pump, mesh filter and by-pass valve         for pressure regulation, oil cartridge, radiator

    Total capacity (including oil cartridge):  3,5 liters of AGIP RACING 4T                                                                      20W50 full synthetic oil


    MARELLI electronic ignition by inductive discharge
    Spark plugs: NGK PLATINUM ref. DCPR8EVX (or IRIDIUM equivalent)

    Clutch :                      Multidiscs in oil bath, hydraulic control

    Primary drive:             by gears
                                       Engine gear of 37 cogs
                                       Clutch wheel  of 80 cogs

                                       6 speed gear box

    Final drive :                 by chain (REGINA type 135 ORS-A)
                                       Front wheel of 16 cogs, sprocket of 43 cogs

    Frame :                       Tubular type of extruded profiled light alloy                                              Removable rear bodywork of ALS steel

    Wheels :                      MARCHESINI 3 spoke light alloy rims
                                       Front : 3,50 x 17’’      Rear:  5,00 x 17’’

    Front suspension :       PAIOLI oil-dynamic fork with inversed rods
                                       Diameter = 
41 mm, Stroke = 120 mm
    Oil capacity per each rod:  340 cc of BELRAY MC10 Sae 10

    Adjustment:  24 settings in compression, 30 in extension

    Rear suspension:

    Light alloy swinging arm and PAIOLI oleopneumatic mono shock         absorber,  stroke = 65 mm
    Adjustment: 16 settings in compression, 18 in extension and  spring       preload adjustment

    BREMBO braking system:

    Front :                         Dual disk of 320 mm diameter with 4 piston                                            callipers,  88 cm2 of braking surface
    Rear :                          
Single disk of 245 mm diameter with 2 piston                                          calliper, 26.3 cm2 of braking surface

    Tyres :                          Tubeless type
120/60 ZR 17  - pressure 2,2 bar (32 psi)                                            Rear 160/60 ZR 17-  pressure 2,5 bar (36 psi)

    Fuel supply :                18 liters of tank capacity (including  3 liters                                               reserve), unleaded gas
                                        average fuel burn : 6,5 l/100 km
                                                                       (36 miles per US gallon)

    Electric system:            Battery 12 V/18Ah capacity
                                        Generator 12 V – 350 W

                                        Electric starter 12 V – 700W

    Lights :                     Double head light with halogen lamps 55/60W                                       Tail light/stop light 5/21W
                                    Turn signals 10W

                                    Instrument panel light 2W

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