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    It is a tricky issue indeed and I will try and give you the answer !

    It is true that the limited production of such motorcycles has been       unfortunately  stopped for a couple of years now and that finding       new spares is a daring endeavour pretty much like the "quest for         the Holy Grail "!

    There are actually very few of those bikes to be seen running on our     roads today.

    That's precisely the reason why I love them: they are different !

    I mean not of the mass-produced kind ( you know the                         standardized stuff landing at harbours by containers), I am rather         susceptible to the original touch , "è basta" !

    Besides, since stop of production and due lack of customer                 support, second-hand market has become a bonanza where               sourcing  650cc or 750 cc used LAVERDA motorcycles in very good       condition for quite affordable prices comes true every once in a           while.

    You should truly buy one now if you can before it happens to be a       collector's item !

    Those LAVERDA motorcycles made in Zane (the 650 cc series and         early 750 cc models) are suspected of bearing inherent defects (see     the heading related to Zane-made LAVERDA on LAVERDAMANIA           website).

    They are reputed  to be poorly reliable, in short you can find                 yourself stuck on the side of the road at any moment, therefore           don't forget to take out an insurance with extended assistance....

    It is true that they show various electric symptoms and it is worth         buying a good battery and a charger to maintain its capacity to         prevent the occurence of unexpected troubles.

    Indeed, they can't compare with japanese sport bikes of similar           engine capacity in terms of max. power output but they outclass         them in other respects like equipment (PAIOLI front fork and rear         shock absorber, MARCHESINI light alloy rims, BREMBO brakes,                 TERMIGNONI carbon silencers), like design and manufacturing               standard (quality of casting and welding, tubular frame of                   extruded profiled light alloy, stainless steel allen screws etc....)

    Add to that the exclusive italian style, the spell of the most                   dynamic parallel twin, the good vibes and gutsy sounds radiated       by the exhausts, a torque available from 4.000 revs and really               amazing from 6.000 revs up, plus a "top of the art" frame and               bodywork with outstanding roadholding and braking capabilities !

picture of 750 ghost strike


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This page was last updated on 05/25/2004

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